SCHOOL OF WISDOM OF SKY is the first and foremost astrology school that served as a model of serious, steady, and comprehensive astrological education in Turkey. Many graduates of our school have gained their proper place as practicing astrologers, writers, and tutors in the Turkish astrological community. Currently, our school has been working on projects that would further efficiency in online education particularly in the way of measuring our students’ progress and participation. Göklerin Bilgeliği has a syllabus that extends to regular 3 years diploma program and periodically offers a 4th year of a master’s class.

Our school offers an astrology program in which our students can master their knowledge and practice both as an astrologer and researchers. We follow a program that combines a modern human-oriented approach with an exceptional emphasis on the principles of traditional Hellenistic astrology as well as Occult Philosophy thereby presenting them fundamental sources of the perennial philosophy. Hence, our students get acquainted with the ancient concepts of the human psyche from the very beginning of their studies. Additionally, our syllabus covers a wide spectrum of contemporary approaches like harmonics, midpoints, ACG, Jungian concepts as well extensive predictive models which can be utilized in astrological counseling.

In the first year of our program, the students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and the alphabet of astrology. After an orientation lecture that provides the tenets of the astrological language, the students immerse in the symbols and their astrological considerations, studying the planets, signs and their classifications, houses, and the several interpretative levels of the rulership system as well as an understanding of the natal chart as a whole. Moreover, the students get an understanding of the main Hellenistic concepts like Oikodespotes (dominator) and the sect of the chart, using them through examples. The second term introduces more specific terms of basic natal interpretation such as the cross of the matters, the lunar phase, Chart patterns, aspect theory and the interpretation of the aspects, lunar nodes and the prenatal solar eclipse, prenatal lunation, Chiron, using significators in delineating several topics in the natal chart, as well as basic Jungian concepts, psychological types and also the navigation model of the Hellenistic astrology. Accordingly, throughout the program, the whole sign houses are employed. Meanwhile, at the end of the first semester, we provide a brief quiz and hold a written examination (an assessment exam, TBS) at the end of their first year, in which students are required to have a minimum 60/100 to move up to the second level. We also provide a make-up exam of TBS every September and this exam has become a popular astrology event for the other students who likewise wish to join our program.

The second-year has an intensive program in the predictive techniques (Transits, Progressions – Secondary, Tertiary, Minor, Solar Arcs, Time-lords in Profections and their use with Solar returns, monthly solar returns, as well as Eclipses and the lunations), the principles of chart rectification, Astronomy, Calculation, History of astrology, Relationship Astrology (Synastry and composite charts) as well as some introductory advanced predictive techniques including directing by terms and Zodiacal releasing. In the second year, the students are requested to successfully complete a rectification project, in addition to the examinations in Calculation, Astronomy, and History.

The third-year is a critical period in which students prepare for individual presentations. In this year advanced topics are covered, in addition to the various Hellenistic procedures, midpoints harmonics, and their applications, other specialized topics such as mundane astrology, introductory lessons in horary and electional astrology, astrocartography, and local space charts are included.

In fact, one of the novel features of our program is that we provide and monitor seminar lectures in which each student is to make a 50 mins presentation. This presentation can be seen as a summation of their studies and later students are also required to take a written work in which they concentrate on various scenarios using predictive techniques. The performance and the feedback given during this process help students to understand many different lives and they become more exposed to living examples. In the last step of the program, an interview is organized by our tutors.

As mentioned above, our learning method relies on one-to-one interaction and supervision of the students. The students can also watch the entire lessons of the preceding year so that they can follow numerous examples. We hold regular feedback Q&A meetings with students after TBS exam. We organize regular Zoom meetings for Q&A sessions so that we observe their progress and needs. Our program is a blend of homeworks, exams, quizzes, presentations, and meetings. We regularly invite our graduates to our zoom meetings for mentorship and also have a google group for every class.

With the advent of pandemics, we completely shifted to the online platform with Gotowebinar and we update and make changes in our curriculum. Recently, we add up two new topics, Jungian topics, and Psychological types in order to enhance their interpretational practice.

The students who completed their fundamental curriculum usually would like to focus on different branches of astrology. Especially horary astrology, mundane/financial astrology, topics like the fixed stars, or rather specific predictive techniques are most attractive to the students.

We are very selective in choosing our tutors. They must have graduated with the highest marks in our school’s program and usually they go through ISAR CAP, as well as follow the programs of well-established schools and teachers like Certificate and Diploma courses of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, Mayo School of Astrology, of Bernadette Brady, Lee Lehman, and Chris Brennan. We have been inviting guest teachers for many years. They provide workshops and intensives. For the last 20 years, many world-known teachers/astrologers have given lectures, such as Bernadette Brady, Darrelyn Gunzburg, Demetra George, Sue Tompkins, Patrizia Nava, Lynn Bell, Frank Clifford, Wendy Stacey, Benjamin Dykes, Melanie Reinhart, Aleksandar Imsiragic, Erin Sullivan to name a few. Through these lectures and Summer School (Astro Summer Camp) we provide English teaching classes.

We have students from all walks of life, usually, they have their own specialties, in different professional backgrounds. These students are interested in various aspects of astrological research including medical, financial, psychological, or Hellenistic branches. We reward our best-performing students by granting them bursaries as well as astrology books. We also urge them to publish their articles and attend international conferences.

We have been organizing Astro Summer School, an international summer program inviting astrologers from different countries like the UK; USA, France, Italy, Greece. The first of this program was held in Crete in Greece.

We have many graduates who published astrology books and articles in various astrological journals and they also took part in international conferences, like Pınar Asöcal, Şirin Mitrani, Öner Döşer.

The School of Wisdom of Sky has a page in FB for its students as well broadcasting via Hakan Kirkoglu on Youtube And Twitter.