What makes this school different?
The school is characterized by an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach based on a high standard level where Western and Eastern teachings converge. The training is purely astrological, but includes Gestalt counselling, tantric practices, and intergroup work. Students learn how to elaborate astrological techniques and the way to adapt them to their future clients, according to a strong ethical commitment. This includes implementing inspiration and connecting with the cosmos without betraying the astrological canons with their rules and techniques.

What projects are the team working on now?
The team is working on the 4-year Astrological Education Course.

Which branch of astrology does this school deal with and which astrological areas does it cover?
Karmic, Sidereal, and Modern Astrology.

What kinds of astrology training can you provide?
A four-year astrological education, monothematic seminars, Intervision and supervision meetings, and specialization courses.

Are there any mentors on staff and how do they interact with students?
The senior students provide their internship by mentoring the juniors and preparing videos on specific lessons to deepen them better.

Have you changed your curriculum and why? Have you noticed if there is an increased interest in some astrological areas?|
We extended the schedule from 24 to 34 months because students needed more time to study all the material proposed by the school and because there was a request to increase the karmic and sidereal areas.

What type of learning methods does the school provide that distinguishes them from other Astrology schools?
Each lesson includes an initial meditation, the visualization of the symbols belonging to the myth, and then we enter the most technical part in all its details. Frequent working groups are organized in which students learn, practice techniques, and get personally involved by facing group dynamics. There are also meetings in which students interact with teachers and with the group, by analyzing their own chart, according to the technique they are studying.

What is the quality of a school’s teaching staff? Whether you have guest lecturers or collaborate with other schools?
The teaching staff is highly qualified. Sometimes we have guest lecturers. We do not yet collaborate with other schools.

What type of students you have?
We have students already graduated in other schools but also beginners.

Do you reward the best students on some basis?
Among the best students we choose candidates for lecturing on Astrology and to attend conferences. However, our school avoids antagonism, so there are no rankings to catalog students, according to a predetermined scale. However, their acquired merit is widely recognized. We work hard so that students learn to appreciate the value of others, while recognizing that everyone has better resources in a specific area and that putting them together creates excellence.

Isr there interest in astrological research at the school level or among students?
Yes, there is interest in astrological research.

Have you, or anyone from your School, published some astrology books? If yes, tell us more about it.
I published “The Moon and its Goddesses”, a volume on karmic astrology, lunar Tithi, Sri Yantra, and the Nodes, according to Tantra.

Do you have any YouTube activity as well?
Yes, we have You Tube activities. During the lockdown we created a special YT activity called “Distant and United” to help people spend time better at home, using free astrology lessons.