What projects is the team working on now?

We are working on a short On-Line Astrology Course program to allow younger students and students that are short on time to have a meaningful course on Astrology. It will be comprised of short segmented modules and teach using the same set of charts throughout the On-Line Course. We are also working on a Draconic Astrology Book and History of Aspects Lecture and possibly a notebook.


Which branch of astrology, does this school deal with and which astrological areas does it cover?

We practice Tropical/Modern Astrology using the Placidus system and have a strong metaphysical/spiritual growth based approach when focusing on  chart interpretation. However, our school covers the full spectrum of Astrological approaches such as Classical, Midieval, Draconic, Astrocartography, Karmic, Weather Prediction, and we cover the principles of Vedic, Hellenistic, and Siderial.


What kind of astrology training can you provide?

We are a very hands on school that provides both in House and On-Line participation at the same time. We train students in all areas of Astrology and provide a broad overview into the many specialties that students can branch off into after their basic in-depth education is completed. We bring in Astrologers from other specialties and let them share different language and approaches to Astrology that they have made work for them in their practices.

Are there any mentors on staff and how they interact with students? 

Pam Gallagher and Mindy Witt are very hands on in helping students answer questions and guide them through the learning process. We also bring in specialty teachers to provide a broad look at different interpretations styles and skills. We provide and environment 2X each year to interact for a weekend with these teachers to support the students on their Astrological Journey.


Have you changed your curriculum and why? Have you noticed if there is any increase in some astrological areas?

We have made some changes to the curriculum over the past 12 years. The biggest change is in the on-Line presence. Allowing students to come live if they can or participate on-line. We now bring guest lecturer’s in on-line occasionally as the travel restrictions allow. We always encourage our students to attend live at least 1 Weekend a year , however it is no longer mandatory. We have expanded our curriculum to include specialized topics and technique’s based on the specialties of our guest lecturer’s.

We have noticed a large increase in Astrological interest from the younger population however, time and money seem to be a constricting factor hence, we are working on a self study program that we hope will fill this need. We have also felt an increase in the general population in the overall acceptance and awakening surrounding Astrology which has created an additional interest in broad based Astrological knowledge.


What type of learning methods does the school provide that separates them from other Astrology schools?

We are special in several ways. One of our very distinct features is that we teach from our students charts every class. We use these charts to show examples and add more information as we look at each chart throughout the class.  Our level 1 and some other courses are moderated. So, we have a teacher and an assistant to make the on-line learning experience as interactive as possible. We are structured so each of our course roll’s into the next allowing a more holistic style of learning. Students are not allowed to jump in and out of our program during the year except for a weekend workshop. Finally, we are a community based school where we encourage our students to be a community and support each other at social gathering throughout the year and encourage our out of town students to join us live if possible. We believe attending live with your class mates at least 1x makes the on-line learning experience much more rewarding and fulfilling to all the students involved.


What is the quality of a school’s teaching staff? Whether you have lecturers or collaborate with other schools?

Pam Gallagher and our top teacher and has studied, taught, and has a thriving International Astrology Consultation practice. Mindy Witt is her daughter with an MBA and has taught and studied with Pam and with many other teachers over the last 13 years. We collaborate with other schools in that we share information on guest lecturer’s and encourage our students to branch out and attend conferences around the world.

Do you provide multilingual teaching classes?

No we only offer and English based program


What type of students you have?

We have students from all types of backgrounds, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Nurses, Holistic Health workers, homemakers  and anything in-between. Some students are interested in being professional Astrologers while others are looking to use the information in their current occupation or within their own lives. We are open to all who seek information to further expand their astrological knowledge.


Is there interest in astrological research at the school level or among     students?

Pam and Mindy both have an interest in Vibrational Astrology and the additional information layer that it can provide. Research is really not a focus at the school but we are always encouraging our students to think outside the box and expand their knowledge to understand the different specialties that can help them be a strong practicing Astrologer.


Schools are sometimes organizing conferences, symposiums etc. Is it the case with your School, too?

No we do not organize our own conference at this time but have considered it before the COVID years. We encourage all our students to attend alone or join us to a conference so, they experience a sense of community at the conference.


Have you, or anyone from your School, published some astrology book? If yes, tell us more about it.

Pam Gallagher has published Becoming your Sun Sign….The Journey from Your Sun to the Moon. This is book written for the general public to provide a introduction to Astrology and as a reference book. The journey is how you navigate from childhood  as a young person to your Sun sign as an adult. Pam and Mindy are currently working on a Draconic Astrology book and a History of Aspects Workbook.


How about articles?

Pam has written many articles over the years and published Pet Horoscopes in her younger years for several prominent magazines and newspapers. She has hosted and been interviewed on many radio and TV shows over the years. She has guest lectured at other schools, conferences and Public Holistic Events in the Midwest.


Hope your School is present on social media. How is that working?

We are very present on Facebook, and have websites for her book, school, counseling business and LightPath Discovery Center our wholistic center that we also run/ownl. We publish small and large newsletters throughout the year some from our center mailing list and some from Pam and Midwest School of Astrology’s mailing list. We get inquiries daily on Midwest School of Astrology and Pam Gallagher Chart Interpretation Services.


Do you have any YouTube activity as well?

Pam Gallagher has her own YOUTUBE Channel and published usually 1x per month or quarter. Astrological Energy of the Times events that are recorded with a small live and on-line audience. We try to keep the topics very relevant and current with the times and always end with an positive action message.