What projects is the team working on now?

Currently the team is working in the creation of a complete program of Traditional Astrology, in order to teach all the prediction techniques in a professional and integral manner.


Which branch of astrology, does this school deal with and which astrological areas does it cover?

The Chile Astrological Centre offers psychological humanistic astrology and covers some areas of traditional Astrology in Astronomy, History of Astrology,  Astro-theology (philosophy), Mundane Astrology, Primary Directions and Medical Astrology.


What kind of astrology training can you provide?

We have been offering ISAR´s “Consulting Training Skills” once a year and it has been very useful.  In addition, the preparation, training and supervision of the birth chart reading along with the correct customer service.


Are there any mentors on staff and how they interact with students? 

Our team is formed by five professors who are in charge of training students. We use the zoom platform on weekly classes and workshops throughout the year. The training is completed at the end of 6 semesters that are 4 ½ months long each. Normally, students choose a time and day of the week to complete these semesters, but they change teachers in each semester. This allows them to meet all the professors. Students are aware that teachers are at their disposal for any questions, delays or extra support they require at any time.


Have you changed your curriculum and why? Have you noticed if there is any increase in some astrological areas?

The curriculum has not changed for 3 years. Indeed, a greater interest in Mundane Astrology has been arisen, due to the late social events that the country experienced in 2019 and from then on, as the most important solution was the change of the old constitution, the entire country has been interested in participating. Hence the interest in knowing the astrological profile of the political figures and participants in the committees of the new constitution. Students are looking for Birth certificates to study their birth charts in relation to the birth chart of the country, topics in which Mundane Astrology has so much to say.


What type of learning methods does the school provide that separates them from other Astrology schools?

The main difference is that CACH teaches Astronomy for astrology students, the History of Astrology, as well as philosophy through Astro-theology. All this offers the student a solid foundation, a deep and more complete understanding of astrology.After the 3 years studying in CACH, the students are prepared to succeed in the ISAR Competency Exam.


What is the quality of a school’s teaching staff? Whether you have lecturers or collaborate with other schools?

The main difference is that all CACH teachers are international certified astrologers (CAP of ISAR). They have permanent training through seminars and courses in international schools, especially Argentine ones such as CABA, ISAA and Casa XI. They participate in each seminar and workshop that CACH offers, at least 4 during the year. The invited professors come, in general, from the Argentine schools CABA, ISAA and Casa XI. Also our CAP ISAR graduates offer workshops throughout the year. The teachers also attend weekly ISAR webinars.


Do you provide multilingual teaching classes?

No we don´t. Currently only Spanish.

What type of students you have?

All kinds of students. We are an inclusive school. We have young students, starting from 20 years old and from all kinds of professions and ideals. We also have international students.


Do you reward the best students on some basis?

Only If one of the students is going through an economic difficulty and he or she can not continue their studies. We then offer a scholarship. In addition, EVERYONE has the possibility of attending the workshops and seminars of the year for free payment. We must say that CACH professors have been best students in their training at the CACH. And the rest of CACH team who are not part of the training team have also been top students.

Is there interest in astrological research at the school level or among students?

Very little, rather of the graduate students who we support either by publishing their articles and accompanying them.While they are being trained at school, we focus on their learning and training as complete as posible, so that they obtain the knowledge and tools in order to continue researching.


Schools are sometimes organizing conferences, symposiums etc. Is it the case with your School, too?

All the workshops, seminars, specialization courses that CACH organizes are offered for its students and the astrological community. This has been very successful and is a main source of attraction for new students entering to study in CACH.


Have you, or anyone from your School, published some astrology book? If yes, tell us more about it.

Not yet.


How about articles?

We have articles of some former students like Ricardo Andrade and Constanza Johnson, whose articles have been published on our web page and afterwards in the ISAR magazine,  where you can read them.In our CACH website there are many articles published by its founders.


Hope your School is present on social media. How is that working?

Indeed, CACH is present on social media through Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is being the most attractive and powerful platform. We publish everything that we are offering in both social networks.


Do you have any YouTube activity as well?

No we don’t have any YouTube activity.