ISAR is opening a new page for every ISAR affiliated school. We want each associated school to be adequately represented. To highlight the features and advantages of your school, please answer the questions below. What makes this school different?

What projects is the team working on now? Our team is working to organise some of the courses for categories of expertise given in Turkish to be also lectured in English. These are: Horary, Mundane, Financial and Esoteric Astrology courses. Besides, we have completed a book covering the topics and statistical works on astrology and science, the authors are the founder of our school Öner Döşer and some of our alumni, after the last editing we will publish this book from Astrology School publishing in February. We are also planning to share the results of the survey we placed on our social media and web site about the Solar and Lunar eclipses. Furthermore, we are conducting a team work on Turkish translation of Sirius astrology software with David Cochrane and Fei Cochrane.

Which branch of astrology, this school deals with and which astrological areas it covers? Types of Traditional and Modern Astrology are lectured in our school within three-year diploma curriculum program. Currently, expertise courses are given for the branches; Horary, Electional, Mundane, Financial, Medical, AstroCartography, Esoteric, Mid-Points, Harmonics, also workshops are given for the subjects; aspect patterns & practices, natal chart readings and prediction techniques for beginner, intermediate, advanced degrees. Besides, preparations are being handled to give the lessons; Astrology in Ottoman Empire and Psychological Astrology.

What kind of astrology training can you provide? All branches under the Traditional Western Astrology and Modern Western Astrology can be taught. For all the branches we mentioned above, we have graduates and educators we trained in our school or self-educated.

Are there any mentors on staff and how they interact with students? In addition to eight employees, the founders of our school Öner Döşer and Gaye Döşer, give services on preparation, arrangement and shipment operations for the items sold in Astrology Shop and Astrology School publishing, tracking the payments of students for six days of the week in our school building. Also, 5 other employees are working online about relations and communication with students, web site and social media posts and follow up all these. One additional employee backs up lecturers online in case of any breakdown in flows of curriculum lessons and online courses for expertise categories.

Have you changed your curriculum and why? Have you noticed if there is an increased interest in some astrological areas? We have not changed our curriculum for seven years. Seven years before we had added some additional modern astrology courses which were not included previously. Yes, we observed that attention is ascending for these topics.

What type of learning methods does the school provide that separates them from other Astrology schools? Using traditional and modern techniques together, providing expertise courses in many branches, not only technical but also adding practical courses makes us different than other school and educations. Currently, we still carry our title of being the school with the greatest number of students in Turkey by far the best.

What is the quality of a school’s teaching staff? Whether you have guest lecturers or collaborate with other schools? Education members taking place in our team are trained in our school and have developed themselves in specialized topics. We also work with some foreign educators giving courses in different astrology branches. Some of them which had been or still giving lectures both live and online are; Aleksandar Imsiragic, Maurice Fernandez, Roy Gillett, Glenn Perry, Sharon Knight, Alex Trenoweth whom are internationally prestigious astrologers.

Do you provide multilingual teaching classes? Not exactly and not many. We only gave workshops in English for Traditional Astrology and Horary branch in the last few years. We plan to promote these educations more in the near future.

What type of students you have? We have students from all occupations. Some of them are living in different cities and countries like America, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland. We also have some students who can understand and write in Turkish from Iran and Azerbaijan. Since pandemic, we are only giving online courses.

Do you reward the best students on some basis? We reward the ones from our successful students which are capable for presenting to give seminars or workshops in our school, encourage them to prepare articles to be published in institutions like OPA, ISAR, also give chances to write columns for the insert we prepare for a newspaper. Besides educator roles, some of our successful graduates undertake the roles of editorship for Astrology School Publishings, social media management, web site organization, translator, they are paid for their services.

Whether there is interest in astrological research at the school level or among students? Yes, there are. We have a statistical research team. Researches and surveys are currently ongoing within the school itself and we will be focusing more on these in the following months.

Schools are sometimes organizing conferences, symposiums etc. Is it the case with your School, too? Yes, our school was organizing seminars and workshops since it was established in 2005. We organize International Astrology Days in every March since 2012. We invite our professional astrologer colleagues from foreign countries. Only since pandemics, there were 350-500 participations for the conferences we organized online. Participations before the pandemics were depending on the capacity of the halls we rented. In years, participations happened to be between 150-500.

Have you, or anyone from your School, published some astrology book? If yes, tell us more about it. As the founder I have 38 books that have my signature. 14 of these were translated to some languages like English, Serbian, Chinese. We also published books of some our graduates. Some of these books are the ones whose authors are Dr. Sena Büyükçapur, Barış Özkırış, Zerrin Zindancıoğlu, Yeşne Karaca İren. We also have books with multiple authors again consist of our graduates. 44 books of us have been published since we established our Astrology School Publishings in 2012. These books are sold by by Penguen Bookstores, Remzi Bookstores, our web site, and also sold on the leading trade websites like, And soon we will take place in Trendyol as well. Additionally, we advertise and suggest our books in our Astrology Television in internet. You can see some of these videos from the link below

How about articles? The articles of our talented students are published on our web site. Besides, articles of some of our graduates have been published in OPA web site. We also have published articles from some of our successful students in the magazine we arranged as an insert for Posta newspaper.

Hope your School is present on social media. How is that working? We actively take place in social media. More actively we exist in social media places like Instagram, Facebook. Besides, we also announce the facilities of our school from our schools’ founder Öner Döşer’s personal social media accounts which are reaching to quite broad of masses.

Do you have any YouTube activity as well? Yes, we have Astrology Television channel on YouTube. Number of subscribers are 178.000. There are “We are learning Astrology” videos and other educative videos in documentary type, besides, we have many posts about different astrology branches. Also, the interpretations about Sun signs by the presenters like Hande Kazanova and Dolunay Karaca are being followed by extensive masses. Please see our astrology television in internet from the link below

We are broadcasting a short video to introduce our International Astrology Days event which we are organizing since the last 10 years. Please see one of them below which is prepared in English.

We also prepare videos after ISAR Trainings organized by our School in our Astrology Television to introduce ISAR to the astrology community in our country. Some of these videos are prepared in English or translated into English. Please see some of these links below


Please provide answers as soon as possible in both English and your native language. In order to present your school attach at least 5 photos that will show either the school or important events and activities organized in your school.

You can find the photos and video links we prepared to introduce our school and facilities in the attached.