Astrology and Advanced Interpretation

Number of hours: 180
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The curriculum focuses on both Practical Astrology for beginners and Diploma requirements for continual study. The program is a 3yr program with Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level has class one night per week for 3 hours + Q& A time.  These run from September through June. The program is geared to a more in-depth study of astrology starting with the History of Astrology and Astronomy to interpretation also including alternative astrological methods such as Draconic, Esoteric, Mundane and Harmonics to name just a few. The school features guest speakers each year such as Lee Lehman, Jacquiline Janes, Lea Imsiragic, Julene Louis, David Cochrane, Ann Ortlee and many more that we rotate through our schedule changing topics and levels. These teachers will bring expert knowledge, language and practical experience to the students. Each Level has 8-4 week Courses and 2-weekend works shops with guest lecturers, summer classes and optional electives. All programs at Midwest School of Astrology are offered On-Line as well as In House ….so we have “Gone Global”. The on-line program is an interactive program we have developed to make the on-line experience as participatory as possible by using a co-teaching approach with a moderator helping to facilitate questions and participation.  All Levels include course tests and a Level Exam. All tests are graded on a Pass/Fail system of grading. Pass means each student has completed all course requirements, including homework assignments and tests. At the completion of Level 3, there is an extensive exam as well as presentation requirements, chart analysis and conference attendance that must be completed prior to receiving a Diploma. We have quite the graduation ceremony and recognition program to celebrate the 3 year journey of our students!

Midwest School of Astrology has an Advanced Study program available to students after graduation. This is our Practical Astrology Program which runs on Thursday Nights from September through June. This Program is an interactive class that allows the students to look at real world charts and events. They look at births, deaths, accidents, world events, Ingresses, business charts and anything new and relevant in the Astrology world. We continue to use our Signature style in using student’s charts as we experiment and expand on astrological topics during this class. The practice of Astrology continues to be Pam’s passion and she teaches this Practical Astrology program.   The goal of this class is to help students better understand their own charts in everyday application, testing new methods to find validity and usefulness in personal chart interpretation as well as reviewing the worldly events.