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The purpose of the ISAR Affiliated School Program is to create an educational resource for astrologers worldwide. ISAR recognizes schools of astrology whose curriculum and other criteria of high quality astrological education enable students to acquire the high standards of knowledge necessary to pass the ISAR Competency exam. Successfully passing this exam is one of the major components necessary to receive an ISAR CAP (Certified Astrological Professional) designation.

To meet ISAR’s standards of astrological education a student must have at least 500 hours of education in astrology from our Affiliated Schools.

ISAR recognizes two basic kinds of Affiliated Schools:

  1. Schools that offer a complete education of 500 hours or more, and
  2. Schools that offer partial or specialized education of less than 500 hours.

Schools that offer a complete education enable graduating students who have attained their certificate or diploma, to apply directly to sit for the ISAR Competency Exam.

Students are also free to mix and match different Affiliated Schools and to earn 500 hours in their own way! That means that a student doesn’t have to necessarily finish a complete education offered by one school, but can choose instead to complete different smaller parts at multiple schools and in that way meet the criteria of at least 500 hours of astrological education.

The following list of astrological schools represents those schools that are currently affiliated with ISAR. You can search them by the number of hours of education they offer, or by language, whether they offer it online or “in person” and also by all different branches of astrology.

We hope that this search option will help you to find your school(s) and your own way to receive an outstanding professional education in astrology!

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